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How will you celebrate National Custodial Worker Day?

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Hey, Camp Kids!

Today is a day of thanks and recognition. Do you know what today is? It’s National Custodial Worker Day—a day dedicated to the respect and gratitude of those who take on the custodial and janitorial responsibilities of workplaces, schools buildings, and—yes—facilities at summer camps.

Custodians devote their efforts to maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy environment for us to live in. Keeping entire office buildings, school buildings, and other buildings in custodial care is no easy feat; it takes lots of time, energy, know-how, and patience. Thank goodness for the kind and constant services of our custodians.

To properly express your appreciation of your custodian’s cleaning and maintenances at the building you spend the day in, I compiled a short list of thoughtful ways to show your thanks.

•    The first, most obvious way to show your appreciation of your custodian’s services is to thank them face-to-face. Simply tell them how great of a job they do and how grateful you are of the role they play in keeping your environment clean and safe.

•    Secondly, try to keep the mess you make to a minimum. While you should do this every day, today especially, you should try and keep the areas you occupy as clean as you found them. Some people take on the attitude that it’s the job of the custodian to clean up the mess you make. This is not so. Buildings where people go to work, attend school, etc. constantly require custodial attention. They don’t need extra work from you.

•    Third, get them a card. Sure, a ‘thank you’ is nice in person, but a card really goes the extra mile. Cards are an easy way to incorporate everybody with signatures from everyone in your class.

Be sure to show your thanks to your custodian today and wish them a Happy Custodial Worker Day! Thanks for reading.


- John

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