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How to Ship your Camp Trunk to Summer Camp

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Hey, Camp Folks!

How is your trunk getting to camp this summer? There are a variety of options folks take to get the job done. Maybe you’ll be driving your child to camp yourself in which case you can bring the trunk to camp directly. Some summer camps offer a service in which they’ll come get your trunk and transport it for you. There are other services you can use such as Ship Camps that will take your trunk and get it where you want it to go.

These avenues may not be available to you or may not be an affordable route. So how else can you get your trunk to camp?


Boxing up your trunk is a crucial element to shipping your camp trunk!

Reuse your Box from Everything Summer Camp

Our first piece of advice for new trunk owners is to hang onto your box from Everything Summer Camp if it remained in decent enough shape to reuse it. This is, obviously, the best box and means of packaging you can achieve. By repackaging your trunk in the same box it came in, all you’ll need to do is put a shipping label on it and take it to your local FedEx or UPS store.

Acquire your Box

If your box arrived too beat up to reuse, you’ll have to find another box you can use that’s big enough. Perhaps you’ve held onto other large boxes from a recent a purchase of a lawnmower or some other equally large item. Some people will even cut and tape a couple boxes together to craft a single box large enough to fit your camp trunk. But if you’d rather just go to the store, you can find large enough boxes and other packaging material with the Moving Supplies offered at hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowes.

Leave it to the experts to get your trunk to summer camp.

Leave it to the Experts

Of course, if you’d rather let somebody else take care of the packaging completely, you can just take your unboxed trunk to your local FedEx or UPS store and ask them to properly box it up themselves. They’ll take care of the job for you, but will charge you a good amount to do it.    

At the very least, it’s important that you cover your trunk in some way so you avoid scuffs, scratches, or other similar, cosmetic damages. That’s where our Shipping Protector Bag comes into the picture. Certainly not protective against severe damages the C&N Shipping Protector Bag will, however, keep your trunk from scuffs, scratches, and the like.

Give your trunk a little protection with the C&N Shipping Protector Bag!


Not that you want to have to take us up on our Lifetime Free Repair Warranty, but all other damages are covered under our warranty. As we like to say about our camp trunks, the trunk your kid takes to camp could be the trunk THEIR kid takes to camp!

Thanks for reading, Everyone! And, as always, Happy Camping!


- John


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