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How to Select the Right Backpack

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Hey, Camp Preppers!

Are you as excited as we are for the coming camp season? In preparation, you may be looking for the right backpack for your camper; in doing so, you may be finding it confusing to know what kind of backpack will be best what with how many different types of backpacks there are.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. We even planned on posting about the different types to make it easier for you—that’s how confusing it can be. So read on and use this post as a guide to helping you narrow your sights on the backpack you want for camp.

Jansport Superbreak BackpackFirst of all, we have School Backpacks. These are your all-purpose bags. The benefit to this bag is that it’s versatile. Use it for camp, school, vacationing, whatever you want! Ironically, the bag’s strongpoint is also its drawback. Its versatility makes it generic and basic. School Backpacks are not adequate packs for the avid hiker.

Next are the Daypacks. These guys make great kids backpacks for any single-day activity or even a quick overnighter. These packs are only High Sierra Backpackmeant for light loads (10-15 lbs.). Any good Daypack should have a waist belt for proper weight distribution.

We carry excellent Hydration Packs from CamelBak here at Everything Summer Camp. Hydration Packs are smart for long hikes through rough terrain. These packs hold a water Camelbak Hydration Packbag inside and attached to that bag is a tube with a leak-proof valve for drinking. Sip a hands-free drink any time you need with a hydration pack!

Lastly, you should know the differences between Internal Frame and External Frame Backpacks. Internal Frame Backpacks keep their framework hidden inside the pack behind the shoulder harness. They fit to the camper’s form much better than external Kelty Durango Backpackframework. Hikers have more freedom and movement and better stability.

Unafraid to show their bones, External Frame Backpacks have their metal framework on the outside. They can hold a lot. They’re less expensive than Internal Frame Packs and allow for better ventilation in the heat. They have a million exterior pockets for easy access. The frame of these backpacks don’t hug the body, so they can have the tendency to pull your child backwards a little; external frames are not good for uneven terrain.

Use this as a guideline to figuring out which type of backpack will be best for you. And, as always, thanks for reading.


- John


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