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How to Prevent Theft When You’re Away at School

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Hey, Camp Fans!

You know what? Unfortunately, everybody’s human. And since we’re only human, some of us, from time to time, end up making poor decisions. Stealing, though completely unethical and hurtful to the person who’s being stolen from, is a rather popular crime. Thing is, you typically don’t need to be a master thief in order to pull off these sort of crimes.

They’re called Crimes of Opportunity and they can happen most frequently when you’re When someone commits a crime of opportunity, it only happened becase the opportunity was in a communal setting like at a boarding school or a college campus. See, when untrustworthy people walk past your room, your door is wide open, and no one’s inside, it makes it easy for them to spot that cool new video game you recently bought or that expensive purse that everyone just HAS to have—and why? Because the opportunity was there.

Don’t give them the opportunity.

Bring your C&N Footlocker to school to lock up your valuables tight. Whether you go with, the C&N big, bad strongbox—The Graduate—(our biggest footlocker), The Slim Footlocker case which fits under most beds, or any of our other sizes in between, the rugged construction of all C&N Footlockers is sure to keep your valuables safe, out of sight, and locked away.

All C&N Footlockers are constructed with 3/8″, solid Aspen plywood and the outside is covered with a scratch-resistant, lead-free steel, then finished with zinc-plated hardware. The spacious insides are lined with DuraWrap, a water and odor resistant, virtually tear-proof paper liner.

Don't allow yourself to become a victim of a Crime of Opportunity. Get yourself a C&N trunk to lock up your valuablesYou can use its surface as an extra nightstand in your room, as a sit-down bench, or a stand-on ladder. Its many uses will certainly come in handy around your room. Keep your valuables locked away in a C&N Footlocker while you’re at school and don’t allow yourself to become the victim of a crime of opportunity.

Thanks for reading.


- John

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