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How do they DO that?

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Hey, Camp Fans!

If you’ve taken a look around on our website, then you already know, we don’t call ourselves Everything Summer Camp for nothing. We literally sell EVERYTHING you could want for your summer camp stay to help you get the most out of this incredible experience! There’s a lot you’ll need and want at camp, but it all starts with your camp trunk.

And that’s where we started too. Before Everything Summer Camp sold a vast supply of gear and other camping supplies, we were simply trunk manufacturers. And since we’ve been at it for 28 years, we’ve kinda got it down.

Our trunks are the best the world over. Let me tell you how we work our magic:

  • Our footlocker trunks for summer camp are the best---hands down!First, we start with solid materials. We get 3/8” thick, solid aspen plywood from Bessemer, Michigan and steel that comes from Pennsylvania and gets coated in Ohio with a lead-free, textured, baked-on, scratch-resistant enamel. Once we have our materials in house, we put the wood on a lining press and apply a water, odor, and tear-resistant DuraWrap Liner to it.
  • The next step is in our saw room where the different-sized pieces of the wood are cut to precision on a beam saw, guided by computer software. At our Assembly Station, the pieces are built into the frame of a trunk and the steel is formed and hung. Once the steel is on, it goes to the Marking Station where specific spots are marked to ensure accurate and consistent hardware attachment.
  • The hardware goes on next to provide our trunks with protection and functionality—not to mention a classic, attractive look. It takes over 100 screws to attach more than 50 pieces like hasps, handles, corner protectors, and more.
  • Lastly, The lid and the trunk are aligned, hinged together, and given a lid stay to keep a propped-open lid stay propped open and not coming down and smashing unexpectant, little fingers. After this step, we have ourselves a fully functional camp trunk!
  • We know people want their trunks FAST so we tend to keep somewhere around 3500 of them in stock heading into the camp season; that’s how we can ship so fast! In just a single year, we ship enough camp trunks that, if stacked on end, our tower of camp trunks would be taller than Mt. Everest! That’s a lot of trunks!

Take a closer look and order a C&N Trunk delivered to your doorstep! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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