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How big is six million?

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A Difficult Reminder:

Unlike most of the special days and other material covered on this Blog, today’s post is of the utmost grave and solemn topics as today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Stretching from the evening of April 15 to the evening of April 16, the victims of the Holocaust as well as the brave acts of resistance and heroism that were made 80 years ago are commemorated.
Today is a day to remember those six million.Today, we remember the unimaginable number of lives that were taken in the name of prejudice and senseless hatred. For over a decade the mad, German tyrant, Adolf Hitler, led Nazi Germany to methodically persecute and murder a disturbing number of Jews (and others who were seen as inferior races and creeds).

Thought to be a superior race, Aryan people, with their blond hair and blue eyes were honored by Nazi Germany and considered to be the desirable genetic makeup to be spared from this mass extermination called The Holocaust which claimed the lives of an estimated six million Jews.

This number is so immense that its reality is, understandably, a bit lost on us. How big is six million? It’s unfathomable! But I’ll try to give you SOME idea just how big of a number six million is:
You can't really even recognize earth from this far away!
1.) Here’s a striking visual. This is a photograph snapped from NASA’s Juno Spacecraft. It shows what planet Earth and our accompanying moon look like from six million miles away.

2.) If every single person in Wisconsin (that’s nearly 2 percent of the U.S. population) were to suddenly vanish, it would still be about 350,000 short of the total Holocaust victims.

3.) If you took a minute to speak the name for each Holocaust victim, it would take you over 11 YEARS to finish the list.

Please, join the rest of the world and take today to remember the unfortunate souls who were killed in this horrible event from our history… holocaust names

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