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Hot? Get a Volcano for yourself!

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Hey, Summer Lovers!

Part of loving summer means loving the heat! But you also need to figure out how to cope when the heat gets to be too much. How can you stay cool when there is no air conditioning—when you’re trying to catch some Zzz’s in your tent? That’s when Everything Summer Camp comes in with our awesome collection of battery-operated fans…
o2 Cool is a great fan brand for staying cool in the summertime!You’re sure to keep cool when it gets HOT with our new heat-fightin’ friends from o2 Cool—the 5” Volcano Fan and the Portable USB Fan. Thanks to their compact folding design, these fans make for very easy storage and result in high portabilitCheck out the 5" Volcano Fan from O2 Cool.y. Take them with you and keep a cool breeze on yourself throughout your fun adventures!

5″ Volcano Fan
The Volcano Fan can stand on pretty much any surface that isn’t vertical. Cooling you down with 5” fan blades and two speeds, you can tilt this fan to adjust the direction of the airflow as desired. It runs on two D cell batteries which are not included.

                                                                   Portable USB FanMighty portable, this fan! MIGHTY portable!
You can also keep your cabin, tent, or room cool with the 5” Portable Fan from O2 Cool. Set it on any flat surface you can find and enjoy the cool airflow. Never find yourself unable to catch a breeze—this fan offers three options for power source. You can plug it in with its AC adapter (included), use the USB cable (included), or run it off four AA batteries (not included).

Summer’s hot! Fight against those summer scorchers with fun, cooling fans. Shop Everything Summer Camp for awesome cooling aids such as the 5” Volcano Fan and the Portable USB Fan from o2 Cool and order one for yourself today! Stay cool for the rest of this hot, summer season and, as always, thanks for reading! ¬


- John

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