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Hey Shoppers!

Black Friday offers the craziest discounts you’ll see the whole year through. But you don’t have to wait until after that delicious Thanksgiving feast this Thursday to start finding sales! Starting tomorrow at 5pm eastern time, you can browse our site to see all the great gear we have with discounted price tags!Get great discounts on awesome camp gear in tradition with Black Friday mania!

You’ll want to be sure you take advantage of our AWESOME DEALS that will remain in effect until 11:59pm eastern time next Tuesday. Build up your anticipation and check out the details on this year’s Black Friday Sale! Careful now! Don’t burn yourself as you go over these hot deals!


This sale’s reach is site-wide—from our C&N Camp Trunks to Duffels and Name Labels to Laundry Bags, look for sales of 10% off in a slew of departments: Travel Accessories, Bedding,Toiletry Bags, Sleeping Bags, Flashlights, Rain Gear, Stationery, Camp Games, and more. Here’s a little breakdown:


Get Solid Color Traditional Steel Camp Trunks like the ever-popular Happy Camper and UnderGrad for $30 off!


These customizable Camp Trunks that allow you the choice of color for each surface panel are taking a $20 dive in price!


Our Designer Trunks—made with printing technology that embeds the image directly into the exterior metal of the trunk—are $20 off as well!


You’ll find select products in our Trunk Accessories at a discount of 20% to sweeten our trunk deals too!


We’re popping these prices down by $20, putting our Soft Trunks under $110!

Other great deals are all over the place! We have Personalized Floor Mats down from $24.99 to $19.99. Our Autograph Pillow Cases went from $14.99 to $11.99. Get camp. T’s that are going from $17.99 to $13.99. We took 20% off of all Name Labels and 15% off of all our Laundry Bags!

Have fun finding these fantastic deals all over our shop! Enjoy yourself, but act while supplies last! And be sure to get your shopping in before midnight next Tuesday! As always, thanks for reading!


- John


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