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History of The Mint Company

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Today I’m going to talk about one excellent company with whom Everything Summer Camp is proud to be working alongside, Mint. Go ahead and shop online at Everything Summer Camp where you can find great quality, Mint products like laundry bags and mint laundry baghanging toiletry bags for great, affordable prices!

Mint is a company, like many companies (and like Everything Summer Camp), that has evolved from another company. That original company was called the Flying Circle Bag Company.

This company started on a family ranch about twenty years ago by, Joy and Jim Chittim. They sold military bags as well as a line of bags for kids—the latter being the department that Christi Chittum eventually came to run.

After taking a break to have her baby, Christi began another full-time job as a mother for the next three years. At that point, Christi got back to business with the kid’s line side of the Flying Circle Bag Company only this time she called it Mint. Ready to put her creativity to good use along with a bunch of great ideas, Mint was well on its way to the next level of business.

Today, Mint sends out their very own Mint boxes to over six thousand retail storefronts and Web-based businesses throughout the United States as well as international locations like Hong Kong, Singapore, Israel, the United Kingdom, and Toronto. All along the way, Mint has continued to see a loyal following, growth, and success.

It takes the dedicated, hard work of about a dozen people to keep Mint running smoothly and every one of them appreciates the work they do with us at Everything Summer Camp.

That’s all for today, Summer Camp Fans! Until next time.


- John
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