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High Rocks Camp for Boys

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Hey, Happy Summer Camp Hunters!

If you’re looking for a summer camp in the western North Carolina region, check out High Rocks Camp for Boys. Located among a thousand acres of camp-owned mountain woodland and boasting an 11 acre lake, this camp has been introducing young men to a clear understanding of community, adventure, leadership, and independence for nearly 60 years—since 1958.
You can bike aas long as you like at High Rocks Camp for Boys.
Featuring a number of streams, awe-inspiring rocky outcrops, granite balds, and jaw-dropping views from an elevation of three thousand feet. High Rocks Camp borders the DuPont North Carolina State Forest which is a 10,000 acre playground of forest, waterfalls, and some of the most beautiful biking trails this country has.

The private, eleven-acre High Rock Lake offers a perfect waterfront for swimming, canoeing, kayaking—they even offer sailing. Find endless trails of beautiful nature to hike or ride horseback or mountain bike through. High Rocks has constructed 5 Appalachian Trail-style shelters that make for perfect overnight pit stops or short backpacking trips for young campers.

Get ready for awesome activities like a three-day hike, a canoe trip, or going rock climbing. Outdoor courts are ready for tenniYou'll make tons of fiends in little time at summer camp.s matches as well as basketball and volleyball games and the athletic fields are begging you to play soccer. Get skilled in other fun activities like Disc Golf, Ping Pong, Foosball, Ultimate Frisbee, Rope Swing, Ga-Ga Ball, and much, much more!

There are five to six campers accompanied by a cabin leader in each cabin. A camper and his cabin mates form an essential bond that create a happy camp experience and cabin leaders at High Rocks direct a great amount of effort toward developing their cabin group into an effective unit whose members offer each other support and understanding.

If High Rocks Camp for Boys sounds like a great fit for your summer camper, get an even better look into camp life on their website by clicking here. And, as always, thanks for reading!Get ready for hikes on High Rocks days at camp!


- John


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