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Hello, Pencils! Hello, Books! Hello, smiling faces of friendly teachers!

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Hello, Students!

Now that you’re starting to get settled into this still-fresh school year, I’ll bet it’s nice and refreshing to see those familiar faces of your school friends. Sure, it’s great to see those guys, but (sometimes) it can be just as good to see your teachers too (sometimes). Everybody has their favorite teachers from grade school, high school, college, and beyond. And since our teachers can often times play such an important role in our lives, we show our appreciation for them today, on World Teachers’ Day. Show your appreciation for your teacher today on World Teachers' DayImparting knowledge, philosophy, and wisdom—as all good teachers do—is such a noble cause, they deserve nothing short of a day dedicated solely to them. What’s really great is that Teachers’ Day is recognized in over 100 countries as teaching requires a little more travel than the conventional U.S. schoolteacher.

I don’t mean commuting either; I’m talking about teachers who travel all the way around the world to reach students in certain countries that cannot provide their own teachers.

Since 1994, World Teachers’ Day has saluted teachers and teachers’ organizations the world over. Education International is the global union federation of all professionals in the field of education everywhere in the world. The extensive recognition of World Teachers’ Day is mostly due to the public awareness campaigns launched by Education International every year that point out the contributions made from the profession of teaching.

It doesn’t matter where you receive your education, if you go to public school, private World Teachers' Day is a great day to celebrate. Make your teacher feel really good. school, if you’re home schooled, none of it matters nearly so much as the person that’s actually teaching you. Make sure that person knows just how much you appreciate their teaching and their guidance. You better double-check that you have all your homework done too!

As always, thanks for reading, School kids! On behalf of Everything Summer Camp, happy World Teachers’ Day!


- John

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