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Head to Camp at Jameson Ranch!

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Hey, Camp Families!

We work with more than 270 summer camps and we’re happy to sing their praises as much as we can. And the Blog gives us ample opportunity to highlight these awesome places away from civilization where kids discover themselves and their true potential. And that’s why we’re swinging our Summer Camp Spotlight over to the West Coast where we find the enchanting Jameson Ranch Camp.

Situated around the southern end of the Sierras, Jameson Ranch Camp has been rooted in these majestic grounds since 1934 where they have continued summer after summer to show their campers an absolutely awesome time for their summer stay!Have a blast at Jameson Ranch!

While the summer campers at Jameson Ranch are truly encouraged to develop their own autonomy and independence by choosing which awesome activities they participate in as well as choosing what food they eat, they still become part of the camp family which inevitably forms every summer.

(Speaking of the food, Jameson Ranch amazingly grows a great garden which helps feed the table with some pretty incredible food!)

Together campers partake in incredible fun with exciting activities like Animal Care, Arts & Crafts, Drama, Mountain Boarding, Horseback Gymnastics, Horseback Riding, Archery, Riflery, Swimming, Sailing, Fishing, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, and more!

Grouped with a cabin leader or two as well as peers within a tight age-range, Jameson Ranch campers sleep under outdoor shelters that really bring the idea of camping close to home. These cozy open-sided shelters don’t separate you from the sounds of crickets and nightly critters as you fall asleep.

Check out Jameson Ranch Camp to get a better idea for yourself by clicking here and see if it seems like a suitable summer camp for your camper! Make this summer a special one and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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