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Have You Ever Wondered Who Thought Of Making Sunscreen?

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Hey, Summer Lovers!

As delightful as it is to feel those glowing rays beaming down on your smiling face, it’s important to take the necessary precautions for hanging out in the sun. That’s why Everything Summer Camp offers a plethora of available products containing 100% natural oils and plant-based extracts that ensure your protection from harmful UV rays while being totally skin-healthy themselves.

Sunscreen—the magical concoction goes on the skin to absorb and/or reflect ultraviolet rays from the sun that are otherwise harmful to exposed skin. But the sun has always been shining down on the earth, so when was sunscreen invented?

Well, there’s Franz Greiter, a chemist who’s credited as the inventor of sunscreen in 1938. It was an SPF of two. Another chemist named Eugene Schueller is typically seen as the inventor of modern sunscreen as he started up the brand name L’Oreal. Then there’s also Benjamin Green, a pharmacist from Florida who came out with the first user-friendly, popular sunscreen in ’44—Coppertone.

But what about in ancient times—did they use sunscreen back then?

Turns out the answer is—YES, they did use an ancient form of sun protection. In fact, in ancient Egypt, lighter skin was considered fashionable (opposed to today’s society that can’t seem to get tan enough). But they also simply wanted to avoid sunburn if they could.

In our modern day, we’re now discovering what the Egyptians already knew about gamma oryzanol’s UV-absorbing properties in rice bran as well as the DNA healing agent found within jasmine.

It wasn’t until the beginning of the 19th century that scientists really began to understand how UV rays work and how they effect the human skin. Up until then, people thought sunburns were a consequence of damage done by heat.

Thanks to modern science, we’re developing a better understanding and better methods of sun protection all the time. Before too long, sun protection may come in the form of a pill! Scientists are looking into it now.

Remember to keep your skin safe this summer and all year long with convenient sun protection from Everything Summer Camp.

Thanks for reading.


- John

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