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Have Fun with Snow without Going Outside!

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Hey, Winter Fans!

Snow. Snow. Snow. It’s cold, wet, white, and we LOVE the stuff! What other type of precipitation allows you to throw it at one another, mold it into a man, or make angelic impressions in it? Snow is, indeed, one unique, white wonder of our wintry world. It only makes sense that we have a day inspired by this soft, white stuff.

Today is Cutout Snowflakes Day! You know what’s amazing about snowflakes is that, despite the fact that there are billions upon billions of them that fall every year (a ‘septillion’ to be more-or-less specific—which, written out, would look like this: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000), no two are ever exactly identical!

Cutting snowflakes from paper is more than just something you do for decoration or a quick, craft time activity. To cut out a beautiful design that imitates the creations of Nature herself, that’s an art! It takes skill, coordination, and reliable know-how in order to make something as beautifully crafted as the freshly fallen snow.

While the activity is referred to as making ‘snowflake cutouts’, the actual cutting is a surprisingly minimal part of the job. What’s even more important than the cutting is the FOLDING. It’s nothing overly fancy like some kind of complicated origami swan—it’s just folding in halves and thirds. Despite its simplicity, even just folding in thirds and halves can be a little confusing. 

Once you’ve made a bunch of your snowflake cutouts, you can decorate your home. Hang them from the ceiling above your bed or tape them to the window so you can watch a blizzard falling every time you look outside. Have fun with this craft project today and, as always, thanks for reading.


- John

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