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Have a Summer Stay at Camp Nicolet

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Hey, Camp Families!

Over the years, I’ve written a lot of Summer Camp Spotlight posts here on the Everything Summer Camp Blog. But to us, they aren’t so much Blog posts as they are confessions of love. Of course, we love all the camps with whom we have a working relationship equally—and that’s more than 270 across the nation!

Of course, there’s a lot to love about them. That’s why you’ll catch me singing their praises Nicolet makes for an awesome camp stay!rather frequently here on the Blog; and today, I’m singing the praises of Camp Nicolet! Allow me to whisk you away to 150 acres in the heart of Nicolet National Forest—12 miles east of Eagle River in Northern Wisconsin.

This all-star girls camp plays hard with a plethora of activities on the land, in the water, and indoors. Have a blast from your pick of fun things like water skiing, wakeboarding, swimming, sailing, canoeing, and more in the water while you sharpen your skills at Archery, Horseback Riding, Soccer, Tennis, and Volleyball, on the land. Girls have time for quieter activities too like Musical Theater as well as Arts & Crafts,

Featuring beautiful facilities, complementary to the campgrounds, where campers run amuck of the fun fields, courts, beach, a dining hall, a cool lodge, a library, ten lakefront cabins, and more, Camp Nicolet has taken pride in their camp since it was first founded in 1944.

After long, full days, Nicolet girls gather around the fireplace in their cozy cabins where lifetime friendships are cemented in the summer fun. The cabins are finished with electricity, bathrooms, screened porch, and a fireplace. Laundry is sent out to be done weekly. And the shower facility (as well as infirmary) is just a short walk from any of the cabins.

Camp Nicolet sounds like a pretty special place. If it sounds like a camp that you may be interested in, you can give them a closer look sometime. Campers have been having the best summer of their lives for 73 consecutive seasons now. Join in the legacy of Nicolet and, as always, thanks for reading.


- John


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