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Harlam Sweet Harlam...

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Hey, Camp Fans!

The fast-approaching autumn season means the Everything Summer Camp’s annual ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest is in full swing for this year, announcing our lucky winners and sharing their stories right here on the Blog. Today, I’m announcing our first $100 gift certificate winner! So, with no further wait, the winner is….

Victoria S.!

Congratulations, Victoria! You’re getting $100 for our one-stop camping gear shop coming your way! Some fun was certainly had at Camp Harlam. Read about what makes Camp Harlam a special place for her in her submission right here:

Awesome, Victoria! Thanks for writing in to us and sharing what made camp such a highlight to your summer. Camp Harlam sounds like it must be a really amazing place that showed you a great time. I hope you and Alice traded phone numbers or addresses so you can keep in touch throughout the year. Nice work trying new things!

I’m glad you went on the blow-up slide despite how scared you were to do it. It sounds pretty cool. I’m glad Sloppy Joes were a success for you this time around as well! Your taste buds actually change over time, so you never know what you’ll end up liking. I never liked broccoli as a kid and now I love it! Thanks again for this fantastic submission about your time at Camp Harlam, Victoria. I hope you have many more fun summers there!

To anybody else interested in going to Camp Harlam in the coming summer season, you can check it out closer by clicking right here and visiting their website. Be sure to tune in tomorrow when we reveal the next $100 winner of the ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest here at Everything Summer Camp! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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