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Hard Trunks Vs. Soft Trunks for Camp

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Hey there, Camp Enthusiasts!

Packing for camp is an exciting time. Are you having trouble deciding on the best camp trunk? In this Blog post, we’ll compare hard trunk and soft trunk options available from Everything Summer Camp. Both options provide safe storage for your child’s belongings, but we hope this post will make your choice easier as you prepare for camp this summer.

Hard Camp Trunks

A footlocker is a reliable hard trunk that will last summer after summer. They are extremely durable and come in endless solid colors and designs. If you go with this option, we’re sure you’ll find one you love.

Everything Summer Camp is the home of C&N Footlockers. Our best-selling camp trunk is the Happy Camper Footlocker Trunk pictured below. Our nameplates, metal signs, and popular LidSkinz make it easy to personalize your camp trunk.

Why Should I Choose a Steel Camp Trunk?

  • Better Protection: Your belongings are safely kept inside a hard trunk, as it is compatible with standard locks.
  • Durability: They are more durable than soft camp trunks, with a baked-enamel steel outer covering and nickel plated trim.
  • Traditional: Steel trunks kind of belong at camp. It’s what you picture when you think about the traditional camp experience. At Everything Summer Camp, we manufacture our own steel trunks. In addition to being more protective, they’re cooler and classier than duffels or pop up trunks.

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Soft Camp Trunks

Another option to consider is a soft trunk or duffel. They are still durable, yet much easier to transport and store away after the summer’s over.

Pictured below is a great soft trunk option from Everything Summer Camp, our Pop Up Soft Camp Trunk, which also happens to be a best seller. With several colors to choose from, there’s bound to be one calling your name.

Benefits of a Soft Camp Trunk

  • Easier Transportation: Soft trunks are comparable to duffel bags, as they are much easier to carry and transport. They are undeniably lighter than traditional steel camp trunks, making them ideal for air travel.
  • Convenient Storage: Collapsible camp trunks are superior to steel trunks when it comes to finding a place for them to live at home. When camp is over, it can lie flat for simple storage until you need it next.
  • Spacious: You have a lot of room to store your belongings in the plethora of pockets that come with soft camp trunks and duffels. Storage space is not necessarily better than that of a hard trunk, but it’s definitely comparable. Our pop up soft trunk has a collapsible wire frame, so it will only cave in if you want it to.

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Considerations When Buying a Trunk

Before buying a camp trunk, consider the following:

  • Quality - Think about the materials you want your trunk to be made of. You should want it to be sturdy and able to last you for more than one summer.
  • Size - Think about what you’re planning to take with you to summer camp, and make sure you buy a trunk that will fit everything you need it to hold without difficulty.
  • Color - While color shouldn’t be a deal breaker, you want a trunk that will make your camp bunk feel more like home. You can always personalize your trunk later.
  • Features - Trunks with built-in wheels make transportation easier. Think about what kind of features you want your trunk to have.

Check out our blog post, What You Need to Know Before Buying a Camp Trunk, for even more tips on selecting a trunk for camp.

Next Stop: Summer Camp!

There’s not one answer when it comes to choosing the right camp trunk. It all depends on your particular, personal needs. Whether you’re looking for a hard or soft trunk, hopefully this post can help guide your decision making. Until next time, Camp Fans!


- John

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