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On the Docket for Dad’s Day…

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Happy Fathers’ Day!

Fathers across the world are honored on this day for their dedication, unconditional love, and undying support. We certainly love our fathers here at Everything Summer Camp and are eager for the plans we have prepared. Bound to be a good time, I surveyed the office asking about people’s fun Fathers’ Day plans to share on the Blog. Check out what Peggy, Anita, and Lydia are up to today.

Peggy—Call Center RepThe most delicous time sounds like it's happening at Peggy's place.resentative
Peggy is hosting a get-together today, inviting fathers and family over for a backyard barbecue. Celebrating the day with a big family, Peggy’s three daughters will be in attendance to show their appreciation of their father and grandfather. With a dozen family members coming, get-togethers with Peggy’s family sound like a blast!

Anita—Call Center Supervisor
Anita is planning on grilling with her family as well, but it’ll be a little more intimate with a smaller family. Anita’s only brother will be there with his two sons and she was recently reunited with her daughter who’s been away with the Air Force Reserve until Friday night. Racheal wasn’t reunited with her father, John, until just last night when he got bHave a wonderful day together to Anita's family.ack home from a work trip in West Salem. Happy to rendezvous back home for Father’s Day weekend, Anita has been looking forward to this weekend for a while.

Lydia—Graphic Artist
I thought I’d introduce you all to our new Graphic Artist, Lydia. Leaving the homestead entirely, Lydia is spending her weekend with her family in Spooner, Wisconsin where they have been enjoying the lKayaking on father's day weekend, what more could a dad ask for?aidback environment of their family cabin. The middle child between her older brother and younger sister, Lydia has a blast going kayaking and paddle boarding with her parents and siblings. Who could hope for more on Father’s Day than fun, quality time with your family?!

A Happy Father’s Day to the fathers in Peggy, Anita, and Lydia’s lives and fathers everywhere. Thank you for pouring your love and support into the people you’ve brought to the world! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- JohnHappy fathers day to all and to all a good night.

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