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Happy Employee Appreciation Day

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Hey, Members of the Workforce!

While I’m writing about it today, there is no actual date to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day. The strategy behind this, of course, is to make it an extremely flexible holiday—very easy to work some kind of recognition around the busy schedule of a business. In other words, Employee Appreciation Day is any day you make it!

The actual beginning of Employee Appreciation Day is somewhat of a mystery; however, most people logically suspect that it was formed as a means of bringing balance to October 16. National Boss’ Day was registered by a woman named Patricia Bays Haroski in 1958. But as the day’s popularity rose and rose, employers began Employee Appreciation Day to return the favor.

Here at Everything Summer Camp, our employees do everything in their power to ensure the products we manufacture are of high quality and that the service our customers receive is to their utmost satisfaction and helpfulness.

That’s the reason why we pride ourselves on being the best summer camp retailer there is—because our employees pull together to make sure campers have a great camp experience. Our smooth collaboration between departments (especially in our busy season) is the key to our success in continuing to make happy customers.

From our trunk manufacturers in the Production Department to our devoted crew in shipping and, of course, the *AHEM* extremely talented Blog writer, Everything Summer Camp employees always aim for perfection.

“Everyone at Everything Summer Camp knows how important it is that campers have their camp gear with them,” says our company president, Ed. “That’s why our employees are willing to do whatever it takes to get our gear to our customers—even if it means an employee is running one customer’s order directly to UPS after hours.”

So if you work for someone, Happy Employee Appreciation Day and thank you for your services.


- John


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