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Happy Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day!

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Hey, Ice Cream Enthusiasts!

It’s Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day and we’re celebrating here at Everything Summer CampCreative Ice Cream Flavors day! We all know that everyone screams for ice cream, but what KIND are we all screaming for? That’s a loaded question! Do you have any idea how many different ice cream flavors there are—‘cause I don’t! And I’m pretty sure that no one really does as new flavors are being invented all the time.

Here’s a brief history of ice cream:

At the end of the 17th Century, Italians started experimenting with freezing drinks for desserts. Hot chocolate had recently become a fast-favorite, standing alongside other popular drinks like coffee and tea. These became the first three ice cream flavors.

Since then, people have greatly expanded the variety of flavors in the magical and sometimes surprising realm of ice cream. Everyone’s tried strawberry and vanilla and, of course, the aforementioned chocolate. Most of us have ventured into astonishing creations like Cookies ‘n Cream, Rocky Road, and the addictive Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

But if you think you’re well-versed in the world of ice cream and you’ve never heard of Sbraga in Philadelphia, SoBou in New Orleans, Humphrey Slocombe in San Francisco, or Sweet Action Ice Cream in Denver, then you’ve only tasted the tip of the ice cream iceberg.

Reminiscent of ‘Harry Potter Jelly Bellies’, ice cream can take on some pretty bizarre flavors. Just how bold do you think you are? Would you try Szechuan Pepper Ice Cream? How about Bacon or Basil Avocado?

They’re doing absolutely crazy things at Sweet Action Ice Cream! They make a beet-flavored ice cream, a tomato-basil flavor, chorizo ice cream, goat cheese, curry powder, and—brace yourself—honey jalapeño pickle ice cream!

My face is scrunching just having to spell it out—but (unlike the ‘Harry Potter Jelly Bellies’) weird ice cream flavors aren’t made just for the sake of being weird. They’re actually served as desserts that people intentionally order and eat because these flavors taste good.

I, myself, have never tried any bacon-flavored ice cream, so I can’t say that it’s any good. Of course, I can’t say it’s bad either. But even if I could, there’s only one way to see if YOU like it!

Thanks for reading!

- John

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