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Happy birthday to…ME?

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Hey, Blog Buddies!

Do you know what today is? Not that there’s any reason you should. After all, how would any of you know that today is my birthday unless you’re, like, my MOM or something (and Mom, if you’re reading this, why haven’t you called yet?)? In any case, today is, indeed, your loyal Blogger’s birthday. On this day, I turn 28. Happy Birthday to me!Happy Birthday to ME! Check out other people who share my birthday!

Looking back on my previous year, it seems hard to believe that it really WAS a whole year. It flew! They say time flies when you’re having fun, so I guess you could say that my previous year was a blast in its entirety! Yeah, it was pretty good, I suppose.

There are some people who absolutely hate their birthdays. They see them as nothing but another mile marker down the highway of life, marking them one year older and that much more removed from their youth. The other folks LOVE their birthdays! To them, birthdays aren’t mile markers, they’re celebrations of the day you were born, ‘x’ amount of years ago.

I’ve always been of the latter sort. I don’t mind my birthday one bit. On the contrary, I want to get together with as many friends and family members as I can to enjoy the fact that all of these people feel extremely obligated to be extra-nice to me today. But even if I don’t get to hang out with a bunch of people I know, I’m still happily amused as I pass all the strangers I see with the thought in my head that I know something they don’t know.

I never really wanted the big birthday party. I was more than content with my parents, siblings, and grandfather (who lived next-door) gathering around the dining room table for a dinner and cake of my choice with gift-opening to follow. I’ll remember those days fondly for the rest of my life!

But I’m not the only one who celebrates a January 7 birthday. Kenny Loggins, Dustin Diamond, Nicolas Cage, and President Fillmore are just a few famous folks who celebrate their birthdays today too. Check out more famous people who celebrate their birthday today—there are a lot. And, as always, thanks for reading.


- John

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