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Guess What Camp The Gyllenhaal Kids Went To

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Hey, Everybody!

Guess who else of our favorite Hollywood figures went to summer camp when she was around your age. One of my personal favorites—Maggie Gyllenhaal! She went to the same summer camp as her equally famous brother, Jake Gyllenhaal, Camp Walt Whitman in New Hampshire.

Camp Walt Whitman is a warm, inviting summer camp community that strives year after year to give kids a wonderful summer experience that introduces them to close friends and a picture of his or her own self-worth. This camp was obviously nothing but a positive influence for the Gyllenhaal kids.

Born in New York City, Maggie was the daughter of Stephen Gyllenhaal—a film director—and Naomi Gyllenhaal—a film producer and screenwriter. At an early age her family moved to Los Angeles, California.Maggie went to camp (along with her brother, Jake Gyllenhaal).

Maggie went to school at the Harvard-Westlake prep school and graduated in 1995. At that point, she moved back to New York to go to Columbia University. She graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts in 1999.

By the time she was 15 she already had her feature film debut in a film directed by her father called Waterland. The next year, she played a role in another one alongside her brother and then again in 1998. But her popularity in the world of films didn’t really boom until she played the role of her actual brother’s on-screen sister in the cult classic from 2001, Donnie Darko.

Other films she has been in are Mona Lisa Smile in which she worked alongside Julia Roberts, Nanny McPhee Returns in which she played the role of Mrs. Green, and the sequel to the movie Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, in which she plays Rachel Dawes.

Camp was a great influence on Maggie Gyllenhaal. What will it do for you?


- John


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