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Hey, Camp Folks!

It’s never too early to start thinking about where you’re going to attend camp for next year’s summer season! And, here at Everything Summer Camp, we’re always singing the praises of nearly 300 summer camps with whom we’ve formed a great relationship. Today we’re shining our spotlight over to North Carolina to highlight Skyland Camp for Girls.

Off in the mountains of Western North Carolina, more than a hundred years back, a small girls camp got its start in 1917. The story of Skyland Camp begins several years back when Susan Courtney Harris (known to Skyland campers as ‘Granny’) brought her five kids from the fiery Floridian heat of Jacksonville to the cool climes of the Great Smoky Mountains on vacation.

So taken with the property, Susan began leasing it in 1917 and launched Skyland Camp for Girls. But in Skyland’s fourth season, Susan learned her beloved property would be auctioned off. Susan took it upon herself to join the bidding and shout out, “I’ll give you $3000 for the whole kit and caboodle!” And she got it.

Fun and good times abound at Skyland Camp. They offer great, traditional summer camp activities such as Archery, Arts & Crafts, Culinary Arts, Hiking, Horseback Riding, Musical Theatre, Nature Walks, Swimming, Tennis, Tubing, Volleyball, Whitewater Rafting, and more!

Skyland’s ‘Main Lodge’ keeps eight guestrooms, a large sleeping porch, a library and office, health services, kitchen, as well as the dining rooms. The Main Lodge is actually the hotel that Granny to her kids too back in 1917! How cool is that?!

Over the years, cabins were added as well as a number of amenities for camp activities. All campers sleep in screened-in porches to give it a treehouse kind of feel and allows them to listen to the birds as they wake up or maybe some light rain as they fall asleep. And they can look and watch the fireflies outside.

Check out what a magical time you can give your daughter when you send her to Skyland Camp for Girls! Visit their website by clicking right here and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John


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