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Hey, Camp Kids!

Here at Everything Summer Camp we’re pretty serious about making sure that you have fun during your camp stay. That’s why our online shop has everything from trunks to duffels to sleeping bags and water bottles. But sometimes our selection of camp gear and other camping supplies gets pretty goofy. Like our AvoCampo Designer Trunk, for instance—or our collection of ridiculous sleeping bags from iScream.

Outset Media, however, takes the cake in the goofiness department. Just have a look at a few of the games of theirs you can find on our site:

Fart is the eruptive card game that calls for the players to release a flatulent noise from their mouths (…or other means..) as they lay their cards down. The game ends when somebody hits 200 points; the player with the lowest score wins. Get your flatulent friends together at summer camp and get ready for some hysterical fun!


Silent But Deadly
Pay attention—there's lots to cover. After all, farts come in all different shapes and odors. And they make a broad range of noises on their way out. Some whimper out little squeaks as they make their stealthy escape while others come barging out like notes on a tuba. Of course, as the title of this game notes, there are those that make no sound at all, and it's those that are often the deadliest! Sit down with your flatulent friends for a game of Silent But Deadly. It's a toot and a holler!

My Word! Card Game
With this deck of letter cards, The Dealer starts setting out cards letter-side up. The players compete against each other after the first three cards have been dealt. The dealer continues laying down letters until a player shouts sees a word that can be spelled with the letters laid down. Those cards go to the player who called out the word. Make as many words as you can. Make more words than any other player and you win! Awesome for creating some laughs as well as friends at summer camp!

There’s plenty more you can check out from Outset Media that we offer here at Everything Summer Camp. Check out other fun games like Kids Charades, Mindtrap Brain Cramp, Professor Noggin Card Games, and more! Take a look when you click here and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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