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Give Yourself Eyes in the Nite!

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Hey, Camp Folks!

Just as you must be, we too here at Everything Summer Camp are getting excited and gearing up for the approaching summer camp season! And when it comes to getting ready for summer camp, there’s no better shop than our online store. We carry a slew of different lighting sources here at Everything Summer Camp. From handheld flashlights to headlamps as well as camping lanterns and even flashlights that are able to clamp onto most anything!

We have a large Flashlight Department and an important part of that department is the Nite Ize lighting equipment. Creating quality products with a healthy glow—brighten the darkness at summer camp with any of the Nite Ize products available here at Everything Summer Camp!Nite Ize Flashlights and other lighting sources!

Glow Little Glow Worm

Upgrade from old-school glowsticks with long-lasting LED Mini Glowsticks as well as Necklaces that use replaceable batteries. Give yourself quick and convenient light with the Mini Gloswstick and provide 360° of colorful illumination all around you with the LED Necklace.

Just Radiant!

The Nite Ize Radiant 3-in-1 LED Flashlight boasts a serious 250 lumens at maximum level while it’s miniature 3-in1 counterpart boasts 80 while still being able to fit inside your pocket!


Appreciate hands-free light guiding you through the dark with a whopping 200 lumens! The Radiant 200 Headlamp wraps comfortably around your cranium and is super easy to use!

Light in the Nite

Waterproof and durable, the pyramid-shaped NiteGem LED light is made to cast a soft light—and it floats! The NiteGem is great for a quiet light, but go with the Radiant 200 Collapsible Lantern when you really want to light up an area. 

Take a look at all our Nite Ize lighting products available here at Everything Summer Camp. Make sure you head off to summer camp fully prepared and ready to light your way in the dark for those walks, hangouts, and play around the campgrounds past sunset. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

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