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Give Your Kids A NEW Reason To Clean Their Room

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Hey, Messy Kids!

It’s no secret; kids are notorious for keeping a messy room. Maybe not all of them, but lots and lots! HECK! Some adults still keep messy bedrooms because (as we all know) they were once kids as well. For some kids, they grow up and realize the benefits of maintaining a neat and orderly room. Others may NEVER realize it on their own!

That’s why I’m broadcasting that today, May 10, is Clean Up Your Room Day. If keeping a clean room is NOT your regular practice, it could (and almost certainly will) do you some good to clean it up. You’ll find it easier to breathe in your room, easier to enjoy your room—you’ll even see the FLOOR in your room!

clean room day

How can cleaning up your room do so much good for you? What’s the difference if your clothes are hung in your closet or strewn on the floor? Who (besides your parents) cares that your bed isn’t made? What’s the big deal if your toys are left out?

Well, I can assure you that a clean room is positively imperative for a clear mind and a happy start to your day. In fact, just the cleaning in itself will brighten your day. Cleaning, while a chore and sometimes physically taxing, is—in the long run—a therapeutic, rewarding deed that simply makes you feel good about what you accomplished.

When you leave all your earthly belongings sitting out on your floor and on top of your desk, it’s a crowded environment that spawns a crowded mindset. Without even realizing it, when you look upon your stye —er, bedroom your brain scans its surroundings taking in information from everything around you. When you leave everything sitting out, you’re not just cluttering your room, you’re cluttering your mind!

It’s also nicer to start your day in clean surroundings where you aren’t limited to tread a narrow path to your closet or forced to trip on your way to the door! It also makes finding things a lot easier.

I, myself, DO allow my room to gather a small mess from time to time. But I take care of it at least once a week. And it never takes very long because I maintain its tidiness so frequently.

But I digress! There are many great reasons for you to clean your room up today, but if you haven’t found any of them sufficiently inspiring, you should at least make your room clean for Mother’s Day tomorrow! Mothers absolutely love a tidied bedroom!

Till next time, Camp Fans!


- John
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