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Give The Gift Of Summer Camp

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Hey there, Parents!

The holidays are here—time to celebrate with family, song, and, of course, every kid’s favorite part—PRESENTS!!! Do you know what you’re getting your kid this year? If not, Everything Summer Camp has the perfect gift idea. Why not give your kid the gift of camp?

Summer camp for Christmas! Of course! It’s so simple! If your kids love summer camp as much as every other kid, then it’s sure to make a great gift for them. It’s no secret that summer camp does wonders for kids. What other event is there that helps kids to stay active while increasing their independence, reuniting them with nature, helping them make friends, and giving them the much-needed free time that they need simply to play and goof around?

There’s nothing else like it out there for your kids. And in today’s structured, plugged-in world, it’s absolutely essential that kids have the time they need to get into the great outdoors and witness the beauty of the natural world around them.

I know what you’re thinking: summer camp! Great gift idea! But how in the world am I going to wrap that gift and stick it under the tree? This is a dilemma worth some good consideration. But, don’t worry! I’ve got a great solution for this little problem.CYO

How do you give an intangible gift like summer camp to your kid for Christmas? Wrap up something they’ll need for camp. Maybe your kid needs a camp trunk! Or, if not, wrap up a sweatshirt with a camp logo or maybe a Life of Camp T-shirt from Everything Summer Camp’s very own line of tees. Then, when your kid looks at you funny, you can break the news on the real gift to them and see their face light up.

Happy holidays, everyone!


- John
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