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Give it Up for the Girl Scouts!

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Hey, Scout Fans!

Today is National Girl Scouts Day! This organization’s popularity has skyrocketed since its small beginnings a little over a century ago and has become an essential part of summer to many little girls all across the country. To learn more about the past of this famous institution, click here to check out a previous post.

Here are some interesting tidbits about the Scouts: Let's hear it for the Girl Scouts, huh?! We salute you here at Everything Summer Camp.

Cookie Inconsistency

The classic bakery treats for which the Girl Scouts are notorious don’t actually remain consistent throughout the United States. In fact, the cookies you order can differ greatly from one place to another. Denver and Seattle Thin Mints are given a generous coating of chocolate, whereas, if you order Thin Mints in Boston or Kansas City, you get a crunchier and heavier mint flavor. Samoas cookies are different throughout the country, called by the name of Caramel deLites in other places.

What to Wear?

Most folks would probably figure that the sash full of badges is and always has been the official Girl Scouts uniform. The original Girl Scouts, however, never wore sashes. And unlike the Scout image that we’re all familiar with today, they used to wear wide-brimmed hats as their counterparts in Britain wore. It wasn’t until the 30’s that the iconic berets and Brownie beanies became a thing. A couple other changes have been implemented along the way as well.

Somethin’ Fun!

It’s more than just overnight hikes and s’mores at a campfire! The Girl Scouts provide their members with awesome activities ranging from arts and theater to horseback riding as well as technology. For Scouts who are looking for an experience that’s more physically intense, they offer rock-climbing, forest tree-climbing, and high-adventure courses!

From all of us here at Everything Summer Camp, we send a proud salute to all of you Scouts out there—current and former—today on National Girl Scouts Day! Keep leading by the best of examples and, as always, thanks for reading! 


- John

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