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Hey, Everything Summer Camp Fans!

When you can’t find something in a grocery store, you flag down an employee and ask for help. You can’t really do that when shopping an online store; instead, we urge you to give us a call or use our site’s Live Chat when you need assistance. We love talking to our customers. That’s why, every year, we put a great effort into equipping ourselves with excellent representatives to answer your questions. Call us at 1-800-535-2057.

Welcome to the call center.   Welcome to the call center

A buzzing office with constant chatter throughout its open hours—which are extended in the busy season—you’ll find our seasonal crew at their stations in the call center taking calls and placing orders. Thanks to this helpful team, you can order over the phone with absolute convenience. The most work you’ll have to do is dialing 1-800-535-2057.

Along with taking orders over the pCall Center - Shelby on Phonehone, some of our representatives make calls to our customers, calling them back about their particular orders if a question happens to arise about a personalized product or any other reason that gives us hesitation toward fulfilling the order.

From keeping meticulous count in inventory to brimming with product knowledge, our call center representatives are quick on their feet and ready to answer your questions as soon as you ask. Call Center - Anna, Packaging 2And when they’re not busy on the phones or helping customers on Live Chat, they stay occupied with stocked product packaging (which, this time of year, is a lot coming in and going out)!

But despite how busy we get at Everything Summer Camp, we always strive to keep our work environment fun—something that I think is reflected in their work. When you call us (at 1-800-535-2057), you’re sure to get a pleasant and enthusiastic greeting. So go ahead and give us a call when you visit our site. And, as always, thanks for reading.


- John

And, oh yeah—did I mention our number is 1-800-535-2057?

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