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Gift Certificates Make Great Gifts Too

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Hey, Procrastinators!

Don’t worry—you’re far from the only one who lets the holidays sneak up and surprise you by arriving earlier than you realized they would. In fact, I’m pretty sure that it happens to everybody. It certainly happens to me each year! The holidays may take lots of work, but that’s just because they mean so much to everyone.

This time of year is important to let our close, loved ones know that we’ve been thinking about them. For whatever reason, showing this gesture isn’t always the easiest. The person you’re thinking of may not be a very easy person to shop for. Or maybe you just don’t know well enough what that person might like this year in particular.

In certain situations like these, gift certificates are a nice gesture—especially a gift certificate to a cool, fun place like Everything Summer Camp. A gift certificate to the right place can end up being a great gift! With a little direction and a nice sum of money to work with, what more could a kid want in a gift? They can spend hours browsing our online store imagining each product with their name on certificate

Everything Summer Camp offers a vast array of both fun items that kids will enjoy as well as practical camp supplies and quality camping gear. Camp trunks make great presents for kids whether they’ll be going to summer camp, going off to college, or simply for an attractive, general storage unit for whatever adventures await your youthful loved one. I know I loved it when I received a C&N Footlocker so many Christmases ago.

Be the one to give the gift of camp this year with a gift certificate to Everything Summer Camp. They’ll absolutely love it!

Happy Holidays, Readers!


- John
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