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Getting to Know Yourself at Camp

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Hey, Campers!

Last week I posted the second installment of my ‘Making Friends at Camp’ series about how easy it is to make friends at summer camp whether you’re a little shy or dreadfully terrified of talking to others. The thing is, once you’re there at camp, you don’t even think about it. You’ll naturally start talking to other kids and become fast friends with them.

It’s just a given. That’s what happens at camp.

But it’s not all that happens at camp. Sure, spreading your social wings and making friends is what camp is all about, but it’s also about getting to know yourself better. See, a funny thing happens when you’re away at camp because when you’re away from mom and dad, you do things a little differently than you otherwise would.

You take some healthy risks that you find within your character, you make decisions based on different values, you even behave differently and may discover things about yourself that you never realized were there before. This is all a part of the summer camp experience. You’ll begin to get a sense of the boundaries you’ve set for yourself thanks to opportunities like making friends at camp.

Making new friends at camp is made possible by these discoveries, after all, we need to have some sense of our own personality in order to share it with somebody else. But the experience of making new friends at camp can also help to fuel those self-discoveries too and so goes the cycle goes as both actions help encourage the other.

Isn’t summer camp great?!

Be sure to come back to my Blog next Tuesday to read the last segment about making friends at summer camp and the lifelong benefits of the relationships you build when you’re there.

Thanks for reading.


- John


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