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Get Your Gear While Sales are Still Here!

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Hey, Smart Shoppers!

We hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend and that you found your observance and/or celebration of this holiday therapeutic. We’ve had quite a week seeing that you’ve all been taking advantage of our week-long Memorial Day Sale! Get your gear while the gettin’s good!

Yes; unfortunately all good things must pass and this MGet your gear while sales are still here!emorial Day Week Sale is winding down to its close in just a couple days. Now that our summer is off to its unofficial start, we’ll be finishing out the month before putting an end to this sale.

Check out the following details if you need a refresher on the highlights of this great sale—otherwise just get saving starting Wednesday, May 23rd!

Crazy Creek Chairs
We’ve also had our Crazy Creek Camping Chairs discounted at $5 off so you can get the best seat in the house for a great price when you order Crazy Creek Chairs right here and now.

camp. T’s
Along with those deals, we’ve had our ‘camp. T’s’ discounted for this sale. Order any Tee we offer for $4 off while this sale is still going!

New Summer Camp Greeting Cards
And, last but not least of our main features, get your Set of 5 Cards for communication with your camper at $2 off the regular price!

And, of course, you can find other sales cuts all over our site, so be sure to shop around! You can get 10% off SELECT Duffle Bags, Floor Mats, Toiletry Bags, Rain Gear, and Stationery . Get 15% off all Bedding and 20% off of all Name Labels! Knock out your camp preparations while this sale still lasts and breathe a sigh of relaxation for the summer season! As always, thanks for reading, Shoppers!

- John

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