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Get To Know Our Company VP

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Hey, Fans of Everything Summer Camp!

Perhaps you remember meeting our esteemed Vice President here at Everything Summer Camp, Mark, about a year ago with the Blog post from March 2013. And now that you’ve virtually shook his hand, let’s dig a little deeper and learn just what Mark’s life looks like.

First of all, Mark lives in Eau Claire, WI though he grew up in Milwaukee (nearly 250 miles away). He was in college when he met a girl who had lived in northern Wisconsin and when she wanted to move back closer to home, Mark followed her to Eau Claire. Things didn’t work out with the girl, but Mark found a new home in Eau Claire.

Even though, he missed his family, his friends, and the Milwaukee Brewers, he fell in love Markwith the warm atmosphere of the small town (in comparison to Milwaukee).

Mark is now married. He and his wife, Mandy, have two daughters, Maddy, 13, and Ally, 9. Maddy enjoys playing volleyball and basketball. “She also spends a lot of time connecting with friends through social media,” says Mark. Ally, on the other hand, has her interests a little more narrowed. “She loves gymnastics, gymnastics, and gymnastics,” says Mark.

Back in his Milwaukee days, Mark grew up with four siblings—two brothers and two sisters. Both of his brothers and one of his sisters have moved to Eau Claire while his parents and other sister are still in Milwaukee. “We are still a very close family and we spend a lot of time together,” he says.

As for his fun times now, he and his family make lots of small trips on the weekends. They like going to the Mall of America or the waterparks at Wisconsin Dells and always make it into Milwaukee a handful of times throughout the year.

Mark’s favorite family vacation was about one year ago in Orlando. They saw Cocoa Beach, went to Sea World and Disney World, and ate a bunch of tasty seafood. “I think the best part was getting away from our cold Wisconsin winter and spending some time in the Florida sun!”

“Outside of trips we try to eat dinners as a family most nights and we all enjoy lying around, watching movies together.”

Just a year and a half ago Mark and Mandy added two more additions to their family. They fit right in as they enjoy lying around and watching movies! Charlie and Henry are their pet Shih Tzus—brothers from the same litter. “We only planned to get Charlie,” said Mark. “But when we went to pick him up, we fell in love with Henry too. We just couldn’t separate them. It was a great decision because together they are very entertaining!”

Keep coming back to hear more about us here at Everything Summer Camp!


- John
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