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Get To Know Juliann A Little Better

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Hey, Blog Readers!

Continuing to delve deeper into the lives of the members in our Everything Summer Camp family, today I thought we’d check back in with Juliann, our Graphic Artist. Last time I told you about Juliann’s job. How it demanded a great deal of know-how, creativity, speed, and determination. And I also talked about her assortment of responsibilities.

But today I want to give you a better picture of Juliann—not just a look at what she does Juliannaround the workplace, but rather, who she is OUTSIDE of work.

To start out, Juliann grew up on a farm in the small, small town of Independence, Wisconsin. She and her three sisters all had an enjoyable childhood on the farm, taking the occasional vacation to the Wisconsin Dells and family get-togethers at her Grandma’s house.

Now that they’ve all grown up, Juliann is more than just daughter and sister; she’s become the loving aunt of two nieces as well as the wife of her adoring husband, Brent.

These two have been together for the last five years and married for half of the time. They live in Chippewa Falls (a good middle ground between their initial homes) with their two dogs: Tanner, a chocolate lab and Winter, a Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab mix.

Juliann and Brent love finding time for vacations. They make annual trips to Mexico and try to get out on the water at Lake Wissota from time to time.

Lately, the two have been dedicating the majority of their free time working on home improvement projects that range from home remodeling to landscaping. Their current project has been building retaining walls for their lawn.

Always making improvements, we’re glad to have Juliann with us here at Everything Summer Camp.

Thanks for reading, Blog Fans. Till next time.


- John

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