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Get Physically Fit for Summer Camp NOW

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Happy Physical Fitness Day!

Summer camp means time for fun! Most camps offer a plethora of well-rounded sports and physical activities ranging from tennis to rock climbing! Such an active itinerary will require good footwork, coordination, along with upper and lower body strength. With so many exciting physical activities on the schedule, it's important for campers to be physically prepared. Read this post to understand the importance of physical fitness behind the fun and games.

Let’s find ourselves a random daily schedule for an average summer camper. We’ll pick……Ashley.


Camp Schedule

Morning Hike
After a delicious breakfast, Ashley is off to begin her day with a morning hike. There isn’t a much better activity to start the day than a walk through nature. Trails can vary greatly on how challenging they are. Depending on the intensity, Ashley may want to warm up with light exercises like jumping jacks or squats.

Once she’s back from her morning hike, the Sports Counselor quickly splits the girls into teams and a game of basketball begins. Before heading to camp, campers should work on their speed and agility by incorporating exercises like sprints, ladder drills, and cone drills into their workout routine.

After lunch is Swim time! It’s important to be prepared for long hours in the pool. Before heading to camp, campers should work on their endurance, upper body strength, and breathing techniques.

The rest of Ashley’s day is filled with dinner, enjoying a campfire, and playing a card game with some friends before bed. She enjoyed the rest of her day at camp without any cramping muscles or other repercussions from the physical activities she took part in throughout the day.


Before Camp

Here are some things you can do before summer camp starts in order to get your body in shape for the coordination and endurance you’ll need to enjoy those jam-packed summer days like Ashley!

Light Exercises
Focus on exercises like running, jumping jacks, and burpees. You can improve your coordination by performing regular exercises like jumping rope and playing catch with a friend.

Incorporate other exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, and lunges to build upper body strength. Additionally, campers can work on their breathing techniques by practicing holding their breath underwater and exhaling slowly when coming up for air.

Stretch Afterward
Just like you want to warm up with some light exercises before engaging in physical activities, you want to take some time to do some stretches after your activities.

Stretching out your muscles helps prevent soreness and injury. Stretching is also important for flexibility—an important part of physical performance. Try stretching exercises like toe touches, lunges, and arm circles.


Make sure that you’re physically prepared for all the activities on the schedule for your summer camp stay. Following these tips, your camper is sure to have a fun and safe time this summer. Thanks for reading, Camp Folks! And, as always, Happy Camping!


- John


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