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Get hip to Halloween!

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Hey, Halloweeners!

Halloween is right around the corner. It comes and goes so quickly; you’ve got to enjoy this time of year while it lasts, so I’ve compiled some great activities to help you have some Halloween fun this year! With ideas like these you’ll have a howlin’ good time on this horrifying holiday!Tis the season to deck your porch out in pumpkins!

  • First of all, get your house well-decorated! Having pumpkins, gourds, and jack-o-lanterns around the house—inside and out—always helps establish a spooky setting. Other decorations like ceramic figures or disturbing items to hang on the wall work well too.
    • Get crafty with decorations and make your own! When I was little, my mother and I made cool ‘Toilet Paper Roll Bats’ by covering toilet paper rolls in black construction paper, adding faces, and attaching them to invisible thread that got pinned to the ceiling. They were a lot of fun to make and my mother still hangs them today.
    • You can also make a weird wreath out of gourds. Just string them together on some wire, shHang a wreath of gourds for a weird welcome to your guestsape it into a circle, and hang it from your door. Add a black bow to make it extra frightening.
  • You can turn the chore of raking into a fun time by stuffing your leaves into some ratty, old clothes, creating leaf people. It’s a fun, little project and it makes your neighbors do double-takes as they walk by.
    • Scarecrows are also fun to construct. Last year, I made one using just a couple pieces of wood screwed together to make a ‘t’, some curtain fabric, straw, twine, Scarescrows are fun and easy Halloween decorationsand a jack-o-lantern.
  • If you’re really into Halloween and you have the right yard for the task, you can make a haunted house in your backyard for all your neighbors to cross…if they dare!

Hope these ideas have helped inspire you to make some decorations of your own! Don’t forget to get creative, and thanks for reading, folks!


- John


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