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Get Excited about Winner Number Three!

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Hey, Camp Fans!

We’re announcing the winners to our ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest right here on the Blog. Come back each weekday to see who else won; it might just be you! This year, we have more prizes, more laughs, and more fun! And, now for our third $50 winner—congratulations to….

Erin A.!


“This was my son’s second year attending Camp Ridgecrest. While he had a great time his first year, he got very homesick and was extremely anxious about returning. As we pulled up to camp for drop off, I could see the tears in his eyes and it was really pulling at my heart strings. I was so proud of him for getting out of the car, and the way he lit up when he saw a counselor he recognized made all my fears go away. We got his cabin ready and, when it was time for parents to leave, he gave me a huge hug and told me that it was going to be ok. When we picked him up two weeks later, his counselors told us that they had won honor cabin, and that he was the best leader in their cabin. When I asked about him being homesick, they laughed and told me that he was not homesick at all. He loved the friends me made this summer, loved the activities, and always raves about the food. The two weeks he spends at camp are the best experience for him and I am so proud of him!”


Thanks for this great submission, Erin! It’s good to hear how Camp Ridgecrest has been such a success with your son. His growth just from the last camp stay—overcoming homesickness and anxieties—must be wonderful to see! It’s great to hear that homesickness wasn’t an issue for him this summer. For anyone else interested in Camp Ridgecrest, take a closer look by clicking right here.

Come back tomorrow to find out who our fourth $50 winner of this year’s ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest is! Who knows?! It might be you! If your entry is announced a winner, you’ll receive an email with the gift certificate code once all other winners have been disclosed. As always, thanks for reading!


- John


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