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Get a Great Sleeping Bag For Your Fall Sleepovers

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Hey, BFF’s!

You’re no doubt making new, lifelong friendships as this school year blooms. Or maybe you’ve even been able to keep in touch with a nearby friend you made from summer camp. In any case, best of friends normally want to spend as much time together as they can in order to squeeze the fun out of every second in the day.

What better way to spend every waking minute together (and every sleeping one too) than to have a sleepover? That way you’re having fun from the very second you fall asleep and immediately when you wake up in the morning. You couldn’t possibly squeeze in more opportunity for fun!exxel outdoors cub youth sleeping bags

While the weather still allows, you can even do some backyard camping and reminisce about the days of summer camp. All you need is a tent, a good friend, and a sleeping bag (maybe a flashlight too if you’re going to tell ghost stories). Rest assured that Everything Summer Camp has you covered on sleeping bags to keep the chill of a cool night out of your bones.

You probably don’t need anything too fancy in the line of sleeping bags for “roughin’ it” in the backyard since you can always just go inside for the night if the air is too chilly. Pay attention to the temperature ratings of individual sleeping bags so you know how cool of a night a particular bag is meant to handle.

You can find a great assortment of high quality and reliable, brand name sleeping bags at Everything Summer Camp like Wenzel, Exxel Outdoors, Columbia, and Kelty for your sleepover needs. Let us help you to make life as much fun as it can be!

Till next time, Sleepover Fans!


- John
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