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George Sappenfield and Disc Golf's Camp Connection

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Hey, Frisbee Fanatics!

Disc Golf is a game of extreme command and skill. Requiring the controlled throw of a flying disc which has replaced the club and small, dimpled ball of regular Golf, Disc Golf is typically seen as a youthful alternative to the age-old sport of Golf. Combining the groomed outdoor escape and the rules and scorekeeping of Golf, Disc Golf and one of the sports founders, George Sappenfield were the focus of a recent post about the pioneers of particular camp activities.

You can learn all about the history of this sport as well as the involvement of Mr. Sappenfield and summer camp itself by clicking here to read that Blog post.

Just the same as Golf, you start each “hole” of a Disc Golf course with a lengthy drive, typically going for great distance with a metal chain basket to catch a flying disc instead of a cup in the ground. Each element of the game requires its own set of skills to sharpen from long drives, to mid-range shots, and the light tosses of short game.

Unlike the goal of many sports, Golf victories are focused the player with the lowest score. The score is tracking how many strokes of the golf club each player takes to get the ball from the tee into the hole. Just the same, Disc Golf scorekeeping counts who many times players throw their flying discs. The player with the least amount of throws in the end is the winner!

If you play Disc Golf at camp this summer, enjoy this great game which has become an increasingly popular camp activity since the 1960s. If you love this game, find a summer camp that offers this for a camp activity and enjoy playing it with some other friends. As always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks!


- John

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  • George is a great ambassador to the Frisbee golf world and I remember meeting him in the late 60s when he worked here in Fresno, California while going to school.. He worked with my dad and got me and my brother a baseball signed to us from Tom Seaver, the great pitcher that sadly passed away this week. I wanted to thank him for this and let him know how much we appreciated him doing this. Thanks George and hope you are well!
    Steve Russell
    Fresno, Ca

    Stephen M Russell on

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