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Gear Up with the Torch Flashlight!

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Hey, Light Lovers!

With the music of crickets and a million other night creatures filling the air, it’s always an exciting feeling to tiptoe your way through the thick darkness—your flashlight in hand to break the black, its steady, bright beam illuminating your path. Flashlights are essential gear for your summer camp stay, other adventures, and any emergency situation. Let’s take a good look at the Torch 1000 LED Flashlight from the affordable camping gear brand Gear Up. 

Casting a powerful, thousand-lumen punch of pale white, LED light, the Torch provides excellent illumination that’s powered by three AAA batteries. No worries that this flashlight will suddenly die out on you—the battery life of this flashlight will last you for full days—even on high mode. The included user manual comes with this flashlight gives a maximum of 15 hours, but we found that, with Duracell batteries, it lasted just shy of five-and-a-half days (or 130 hours) high and weeks on low.

One of the features of the Gear Up Torch Flashlight that really stands out is its telescoping head that offers the option to focus or widen the beam. Extend the head to narrow and sharpen the light or pull it back inward to broaden it and cover larger areas. The options are handy in different situations, like spotting something in the distance, or lighting the path ahead of you.

Built with rugged construction, this camping flashlight is armored in a durable aluminum enclosure so it can withstand tough conditions and rough treatment. It can take a number of spills, including ones of a ten-foot drop! Shockproof as well as waterproof, this flashlight is perfect for camp. It holds comfortably in your hand and is small enough to sit in most pockets.

If you’re unsure how much use your camper will get out of their outdoor equipment when their camp stay is over, Gear Up products are a great choice—made not just to be effective and durable, but very affordable as well. It’s an excellent option for anyone looking to complete your camper’s packing list without breaking the bank.

Also perfect for setting that eerie atmosphere for telling ghost stories around the campfire and entertaining friends with shadow puppets, the Torch 1000 is definitely the Flashlight for you during your camp stay. Check this awesome Flashlight out for yourself by clicking right here (batteries sold separately). Enjoy crossing this one off your summer camp’s packing list and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

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