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Gavin B. and His Camp Story

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Hey, Camp Fans!

The camp stories we received for our ‘Share your Camp Story’ Contest here at Everything Summer Camp were so great! It was a wonderful time reading through them all and now I’m excited to share them with all our followers on the Blog and post each submission right here on its own day!

After our ten lucky prize winners, I’ve moved on to the rest of your submissions. The following post is from Gavin B. who wrote in to tell us about his camp experience. Here’s his submission:

I have been going to Sky Ranch for 4 years now. But one thing I am known for is what is called ‘The Escape.’ It was the first day of my first year at camp and I was enjoying it! Making new friends and running around like a normal 2nd grader. But back then I was sugar crazy. At Sky Ranch, we have different stations that we go to throughout the day and one of those stations is called the Cracker Barrel. This station involves little 8 year olds and MONEY! Not a good combo. So… I spent $13 on pure sugar and ate it ALL! I felt fine for the next 3 hours, but when we went to our Night Event, I started to feel sick. So I asked if a counselor and I could go to the restroom. When we got there, I just started throwing up all over the place. When I finished, they took me to the health center and told me I would be spending the night there and not at my cabin. I went to bed there and woke up around midnight. I left my quarters and went to ask someone what time it was. Once I got out, I discovered that no one is with me (or at least that I could see). At this age, I was not comfortable sleeping alone in the dark. So I unlocked the door, and ran all the way back to my cabin! In socks! In pitch black! I quietly entered and knocked on my counselor’s door… No one answered! Knocked again - NO ONE! But on the 3rd knock, one big, sleepy man answered the door. I said ‘Hey, I hope you are not mad at me, but this is Gavin. No one was in the health center, so I came here.’ The counselor reacted to this quite nicely, all he said was ‘It’s all right Gavin, just give me a sec.’ He grabs his radio and tells the health center I am not there anymore, and tells the NIGHT PATROL that they missed me! I think to myself ‘There is a NIGHT PATROL! I had no idea I moved that fast!’ But then I realized that I am perfectly safe and have nothing to worry about. From then on, the event that happened that night was called ‘The Escape.’ Because of me, they have had to upgrade their locks and put alarms on every door so they know if anyone enters or exits ANYWHERE!

Hahaha! What a stealthy, ninja you are! Night Patrol’s got nothing on you! It’s too bad sugar made you physically ill, but at least it gave you a good story and created a reputation for yourself as a skilled escape artist! Hopefully Sky Ranch offers you plenty more fun and great stories for years to come! Thanks for sharing your story with us, Gavin! If anybody else is interested in Sky Ranch, you can give it a closer look by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John



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