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Hey, Camp Folks!

Everybody knows one of the best parts about an expedition out into the wilderness is bringing some food along. Whether you’re just looking to refuel after a long adventure or you have a plan in mind to sit down and enjoy a picnic, eating in the great outdoors is a crucial element of your excursions.

We know this very well here at Everything Summer Camp and keep only the best in portable food storage available on our site. Take a look at some of our great means of food storage right here. One brand you’ll find is GSI Outdoors. Let’s take a look at how this brand was born. It was back in 1985 that the Canadian siblings of the Scott family, Don, Ian, and Kathy made the migration more than 1500 miles south along the West Coast all the way to San Diego. In that same year, they founded GSI Outdoors.

Just a tiny, family company that was inspired to offer a product they were passionate about, these brothers and their sister were all passionate about food and they loved enjoying it in the great outdoors. Naturally, they began creating their own outdoor cookware.

Their blue enamel tableware was their first and only product in the beginning which saw successful results. But ten years on, they changed headquarters to Spokane, Washington (much closer to home but still in the U.S.) and grew a vast array of dining products that let us connect with one another over a nourishing meal in the great outdoors.

Since then, they’ve only continued to expand! Still that same family company, GSI Outdoors is now a worldwide provider that loves playing their part of bringing people together. They now offer a slew of camp-friendly gaming products like a Bocce Ball Set and Table Tennis (intended to play on a picnic table).

We’re delighted to offer these fun and practical products from such an awesome brand name as GSI Outdoors. Look over all their products available here at Everything Summer Camp and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John


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