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Hey, Happy Campers!

Anyone who lives the Everything Summer Camp lifestyle knows life is an adventure! Hydro Flask is one brand that’s right there with us and glad to be with you every step—and sip—of the way. The only thing the folks of Hydro Flask love more than spending time in the Great Outdoors is helping others enjoy similar experiences out in the open wilderness.

With headquarters nestled in a literal Pacific Northwest wonderland known as Bend, Oregon, the folks who work at Hydro Flask are fortunate to be surrounded by the majesty of surrounding mountains, rivers, and lakes.

Taking after the best designer there is, Mother Nature who never adds anything needlessly, Hydro Flask keeps the minimalist logic we find in Nature’s work to create products that are strikingly simple and innovative in their shape, color, and general design.

More than any design award Hydro Flask has won, their Parks For All program is what they’re most proud of. Parks For All is a charitable program Hydro Flask created to benefit public green spaces and promote happier, healthier lives outdoors for all. To date, they’ve been able to support more than 122 nonprofits and donate over $1.9 million and still going!

Hydro Flask gear can replace single-use plastics like plastic water bottles, and to-go containers. #RefillForGood is the rallying cry of Hydro Flask’s to encourage everyone to make the switch and make a real difference for our world.

We echo that desire at Everything Summer Camp to see an end to mass disposable water bottles. Pick up a refillable Hydro Flask bottle for yourself when you click right here. We’ve recently added their 24 oz Water Bottle and 22 oz Tumbler to our store. Peruse the rest of our water bottles right here and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

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