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Fun Times at Camp Allen

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Hey, Camp Folks!

We love talking about a wide array of topics on this Blog, but one of our most frequent and consistent topics is to feature one of the many summer camps with whom we have the joy of working. We’re swinging our Everything Summer Camp camp spotlight over to Southeastern Texas, near Houston where we find Camp Allen.

Camp Allen campers are treated to an immersive experience of being out in nature! Situated on 1,100 acres in the serenity of the abounding piney woods of the Navasota area, Camp Allen provides campers with the space to escape and rediscover themselves in a whole new and remote environment.

Have lots of fun there with the options to practice your Archery, Canoeing, Challenge Courses, Skeet Shooting, Paddleboarding, Golfing, Horseback Riding, and more (all available with extra fee). They also offer activities with no extra expense such as Basketball, Biking, Disc Golf, Fishing, Fitness, Lawn Games, Ping Pong, Soccer, Swimming, and more.

​​Located in the heart of the pine woods of Camp Allen, the campsites make the perfect locations for summer campers. Camp Allen cabins offer bunk bed lodging with heat and air conditioning along with easy access to restrooms and shower facilities.

Enjoy meals prepared in the Camp Allen commercial kitchen as you take comfortable seating in the dining hall which boasts a beautiful fireplace. There are outdoor meeting areas with seating included as well as a park, a pavilion, a pool, a woodsy trail, and an outdoor chapel by the lake—not to mention the awesome stone chapel. 

If you’re interested in spending a summer at Camp Allen, give them a closer look—hop over to their website by clicking right here. Maybe you’ll be staying at Camp Allen for your next summer camp experience! Have a blast and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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