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Fun in the Protected Distance Away from the Sun!

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Hey, Sun Soakers!

This Sunday celebrates National Stay Out of the Sun Day—a recognized holiday that reminds us to stay safe when the sun beats down a little too hard. Intended for those torpid summer days that bring about a lethargy that knows no equal, take heed of this day’s advice and keep cool indoors when the high sun becomes a little much to enjoy.

Of course, we offer a giant selection of products like sunscreen, water bottles, and fans to help battle sluggishness and restore some of your energy when the sun tries to zap it all from you! Check out these great recuperative camping gear products that you can use to resist the effects of a summer scorcher!Great sun protection for your little gator.

If sun exposure is unavoidable for you, be sure to protect yourself against harmful UV sun rays pelting down on your skin in brilliant sun showers! Our Sunscreen selection is full of fun misting sprays, gels, and wipes to encourage young ones to apply and reapply as needed. These are kid-safe and natural formulas from trusted brand names like Aloe GHave a sip!ator, Supergoop!, and Burt’s Bees.

Water Bottles
Be sure to quench your thirst today! Your body NEEDS water in order to maintain good health and it goes through its supply even quicker when the weather is hot, hot, hot! Make sure you replace the water your body uses. We have bottles to keep cold drinks cold for hours and hours in order to make refreshing hydration almost effortless!This fan knows funk!

Cool off! Just as crucial to your health as hydrating and wearing sunscreen, staying cool in a refreshing breeze keeps you from overheating. Heat exhaustion can be a consequence of sweltering temperatures, physical activities, or both. Heat exhaustion typically gives you a headache and weak feeling. It tends to make people confused, dizzy, nauseous, and unquenchably thirsty. Keep some fans blowing on you when you’re feeling this way!

Heat exhaustion is no fun, but luckily the cure is pretty simple: relax indoors with fans on you along with lots and lots of water. Keep cool today and, as always, thanks for reading.


- John

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