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Hey, Holiday Preppers!

People give gifts for lots of occasions: birthdays, weddings, graduations, housewarming parties…. This time of year, however, gifting is typically taken to a whole other level. We like to have our bundle of presents beautifully wrapped with colorful ribbons and bows and festive tags that designate who shall receive each one.Holiday gifting is especially important, more so than any other occasion.

We’ve been doing things this way for a surprisingly long time too. It’s no shocker to learn that gift-giving is an age-old tradition carried out through endless generations, but what IS surprising is just HOW LONG we’ve been wrapping our gifts for one another. It’s been practiced since the invention of paper, some time around 100 A.D.!

People in England used wallpaper for a while in the 1700s, though it didn’t work well as it tore easily when it was folded. By the early 1900s, gifts were typically wrapped in brown paper or tissue. But soon after, as the Second Industrial Revolution (also known as the Technological Revolution) yielded amazing advancements, the mass production of gift wrap was made possible.

Get your free, downloadable set of gift tags for your present wrapping this year.The finishing touch on the perfectly wrapped present is always the gift tag: the element of the wrapping that reveals who the gift came FROM and who it’s going TO. But don’t bother wasting your money on some store-bought gift tags. You can get them for free right here at Everything Summer Camp.

Yep. That’s right. We’re emailing out free, downloadable gift tags. Subscribe to receive email from Everything Summer Camp and you’ll receive these great gift tags you can print out on your printer at home. Signing up for Everything Summer Camp email has multiple benefits. You can get access to great gift ideas, exclusive deals, free gift tags, and more.

Take our help for the final touch on your wrapping this season and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

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