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Fortunate to Go to Camp Newaygo

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Hey, Camp Folks!

It's time for another story from our July ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest submissions, though many kids were unable to attend. The coronavirus has had a huge impact on everyone—camp included, however, some camps were fortunate enough to be able to keep their doors open this summer season. We asked kids who attended camp this season to tell us how camp was different this year.

Our next submission for our ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest comes from Josie E. who wrote in to tell us about her trip to Camp Newaygo. Josie is our $50 prize winner! Here’s her submission:

“Hi, my name is Josie and I am 10-1/2 years old. There are 3 of us sisters, and we all went to Camp Newaygo in July. Until then we had not been able to go anywhere, so we were glad to finally get out of the house! I was in cabin 2 with my great counselors Zoe-Kate and Laura. I made lots of memories and friends in my cabin. This was the first year that I got to go for a whole week. It was also a year that camp was quite different. The ways that it was different were: we had a picnic breakfast (instead of a hot breakfast in the dining hall), and you could not be with other cabins besides your cabin and your “sister” cabin. My sister cabin was cabin 8. They did that to keep us safe. But, that did not stop any of my fun. I was glad to go to camp. I missed going boating and they didn’t offer dippin dots this year at the camp store, but I loved the evening programs like the talent show, pageant, Harry Potter and many more. I am lucky because I am going to Camp Newaygo Family Camp with my whole family in August, so I will get one more chance to go to camp this year. Usually Camp Newaygo is just for girls, but this time we can show our Dad everything we love about camp!”

Thanks, Josie! It’s great to hear that you and your sisters were able to attend summer camp at Newaygo. I’m glad that the safety precautions that were being taken there did not interfere with your fun. That’s awesome that you got to spend a whole week there and that you got to go back in August too with your dad! I bet he had a good time seeing what Camp Newaygo fun looks like firsthand!

For anybody interested in checking out Camp Newaygo for their own future camp stays, visit their website by clicking right here. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John


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