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Former Laurel South Camper Halston Sage

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Hey, Campers!

Did you know that every year more than 10 million kids go to summer camp? That’s A LOT of kids! And because everybody and their mothers went to summer camp at some point, it’s not surprising to discover the loads upon loads of famous folks who were summer campers just like you once upon a time. But it was only roughly a decade ago that Ms. Halston Sage went to summer camp.

Born in Los Angeles, Halston traveled courageously far for her summer camp stay. She spent her summer stay on Crescent Lake at Camp Laurel South, near Portland, Maine in the beautiful Sebago Lakes region which includes a great beach and clear waters, sports fields, and pristine woodlands. She discovered a passion for horseback riding and would eventually go on to win awards in horseshows.

The oldest of three, Halston sets a great example for her siblings, showing them how to forage your own career path. She may be new to the show business scene, but this girl is already making a name for herself and has been since she launched her acting career at 18 with the television series ‘How to Rock’ in 2011.

She continued to make appearances and guest star in other shows like ‘The First Time’ as well as Nickelodeon shows ‘Victorious’ and ‘Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures’. And in just a couple years after her breakthrough, she debuted in her first feature film alongside Emma Watson in ‘The Bling Ring’. She worked with Adam Sandler as well in ‘Grown Ups 2’—she likened the set and crew of this filmmaking experience to summer camp.

But that was just the beginning and Halston’s just getting started. Last year she co-starred in ‘Goosebumps’ with Jack Black and she also has a role in ‘Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse’ in which a group of Boy Scouts become heroes when their hometown is overrun with zombies.

With such a charismatic personality and a such a great start, Halston’s career has nowhere to go but up. She also loves to write too. Get the most out of your summer camp stay like Halston did and find out just how much good summer camp can do for you! As always, thanks for reading.


- John


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