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For a Smile that POPS...

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Hey, Brushers!

Maintaining your pearly whites is important stuff! Not only do we feel our best when our smile is its whitest, but dental hygiene has been linked to well-being in areas beyond your chompers, such as heart-health. A domestic habit like brushing your teeth can be difficult to keep up with when you’re away from home, so we always aim to carry products that make brushing throughout our travels as convenient as can be. So, who just popped onto the scene?

It’s Pop-Sonic!

Who’s Pop-Sonic, you ask? Only the creators of the bright, colorful line of top-quality sonic toothbrushes such as the hugely popular Go Sonic travel toothbrush available in a plethora of colors and designs right here at Everything Summer Camp!

Some seriously poppy folks, they couldn’t help themselves but to add some serious POP to your brushing routine with their Go Sonic Toothbrush! For that clean and fresh dental feel, nothing gets the job done quite like this battery-operated toothbrush besides maybe the dentist.

Have your preference between two different vibrating speeds. This brush is smartly programmed to pace your time spent on different areas of your mouth and counts off a two-minute brushing session. The handle is slim, streamlined, and lightweight to make it comfortably handheld!

Simply pop the top cap off and unscrew the bottom where you'll find the port to load the single AAA battery required for this brush's 30,000 brushstrokes-a-minute capability. And the motor on this baby has been designed for an efficient use of energy and long battery life. The compact case is cool, colorful, and makes travel extra convenient!

Built to last, Pop-Sonic never finishes their product design without an intensive testing so they can be sure they’re providing only the highest quality. Get a look at the Go Sonic Toothbrush by clicking here and don’t forget to brush your teeth! As always, thanks for reading.


 - John


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