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Food Storage for Thought

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Hey, Camp Folks!

Everybody knows one of the best parts about an expedition out into the wilderness is bringing some food along. Whether you’re just looking to refuel after a long adventure or you have a plan in mind to sit down and enjoy a picnic, eating in the great outdoors is a crucial element of your excursions.

We know this very well here at Everything Summer Camp and keep only the best in portable food storage available on our site. Take a look at some of our great means of food storage right here. One brand you’ll find is Fozzils.

You don’t know tableware the likes of Fozzils because nothing else can match the lightweight nature of Fozzils containers or its ease of transportation. Featuring innovative construction that allows for totally flat storage when not in use and totally flat packing, these containers are made of segments that can be folded and snapped together into a bowl or other dish shape when you want it to hold food.

Stop going for disposable means of food storage like sandwich baggies and aluminum foil and hold onto the same BPA-Free, non-stick, foldable and snappable plastic containers from Fozzils. Not only nice for you, they’re nice to the environment as well; Fozzils tableware is far less wasteful.

A brand name under the parent company of Olicamp, this company was founded 40 years back in 1981 by Mr. Oli Steinhauser, Olicamp got its start producing a line of camp cookware which included stoves, pots, and frying pans. Olicamp has since then expanded their selection, offering utensils, fuel, food storage, and a number of other accessories to make outdoor cooking simple and convenient.

Check out our full-size Dish, Bowl, and Cup Solo Pack that wears a cool design for all your picnicking and camping trip adventures! Get a good look when you click right here and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John 

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